Web Design and Web Development are identical?

We can say by searching in Google the company is needed for Web development Company and Web Design Company. But these both are two important concepts of website building. Web Designers are the builders of that website. They focus on the look and feel of the website. They should be exporters in creativity, graphics, and colour schemes. They use their Right brain at most often. They design website using Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw. Web Developers are also called as Programmers.  They will take a Web Design and make a functioning Website for it. They use Programs like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and PHP. They use their Left brain often.

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Web Designers must consider the Client’s Website Goal and using it make an Information Architecture (IA) for Website information and for help to guide the website design. Then the designers will create a frame and finally move to design. There is few more process involved in Design. They are

  1. Balance: It’s very important for Web designer that there should be equal proportional of colours used in website. It will lead to a balanced website design.
  2. Contrast: Web design will allow contrast colours in few areas alone. So Designers should be use colours in that area alone.
  3. Emphasis: This means Highlighting. Emphasis should be used only in the needed area alone. If you imagine that in a web page 90% of the content is highlighted, then no one will read it. So web designers should be more careful on emphasis.
  4. Consistency: It’s most important aspect of web designers. It means that repetition.
  5. Unity: The website should be so unique. You can reference thousands before creating a website but you shouldn’t use any design from that website.

Web Developers will take a designed website and make it as a fully functioning one. Developers will take a design and make it into components. Wed developers use HTML or PHP software. But now-a-days they are using Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress or Joomla to make website User-friendly and easy way of updating it.

In small and medium sized companies there dedicated individuals who can do both Web Design and Web Development together. Finally I think that this article will helpful you to clear that misunderstanding of design and development are same one.

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Web Design and Web Development are identical?